What happens when an unstoppable terminator meets an immovable ego?

Charlie Davis (@geneticghost) and Mikey Zee (@quantumdotdot) continue with part 2 of the thrilling Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada three-part saga! This episode covers from NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 11 event to Dominion 2017. Cover art by the amazing @changochamango on Twitter!

Watch the matches: https://njpwext.us/pl/934 (Note: Requires https://njpwext.us/ extension and current NJPWworld subscription)

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An episode so big, it will take 3 parts. Two gods of wrestling, one spot at the top.

Charlie Davis (@geneticghost) and Mikey Zee (@quantumdotdot) explore the ins and outs of New Japan Pro Wrestling and one of its most memorable feuds, Kenny Omega vs. Okada.

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Just FYI, there’s some volume issues in this one! Sorry about that.

Listeners, this is our main event of the evening! The following contest is a triple threat bonus episode set for one match. In this corner are our challengers, hailing from WMQ Comics (@wmqcomics), weighing in at a combined total of 9,626 tweets, the dynamic duo of Dan Grote (@danielpgrote) and Matttt Laz (@mattlaz1013)! Next up is the reigning champion. They are the Death Rider, the Editor-in-Chief, the Shatterstarologist, Charlieeeee DAAAAvis (@geneticghost)! Time to discuss what makes wrestling entertaining, AEW’s Inner Circle and The Elite groups, and the Double or Nothing Stadium Stampede.

Before they were best friends, they were the bitterest of rivals. A legit boss and a girl with a dream. Together, they make history.

Charlie Davis (@geneticghost) and Mikey Zee (@quantumdotdot) chronicle the 2015 two-part saga of Bayley and Sasha Banks dueling for the NXT Women’s Championship. We also answer some listener questions!

Once upon a time there was a wrestling brotherhood called The Shield. Then greed in the form of Seth Rollins and the Authority shattered it.

Charlie Davis (@geneticghost) and Mikey Zee (@quantumdotdot) chronicle the 2014 feud between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, answering questions like: Who is the Shield? What is a lumberjack match? And how did the 2014 Hell in a Cell rate as the feud-culminating match?